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Yellowstone Community


YellowStone is located in the picturesque community of Star, Idaho. Amid all the hustle and bustle of most growing towns, you’ll find a “Star”, and that it is. Star has a great deal of down-to-earth, rural charm, but what makes Star especially unique is the budding business community. Star is becoming a popular destination for home buyers in search of a new start and for business owners looking for a community with fresh appeal. City population has increased more than sixty-two percent over the last five years but the city is working diligently to insure all new development fits within the city’s comprehensive plan.

Parks and recreation are a top priority at city hall. Star now has its first official park, called Blake Haven Park and it’s just the beginning. Plans are in the works to add a playground and perhaps either soccer and/or ball fields. In the coming months and years you’ll be seeing more new places for outdoor recreation and fun.

The state legislature has approved funding for a new state highway extension which will connect Star to Interstate 84 six miles to the south. This new highway will have a big impact on the connectivity to this area.

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